We at Providential recognize that each of you may have varying degrees of dental fear, we have various ways to alleviate this fear, drugs which can be taken before the dental visit or even the night before.


Many people find visiting the dentist’s office unpleasant. The reasons behind dental fear are always individual and can result from personal experience of pain during a treatment, or feeling otherwise unpleasant or uncomfortable. People’s stories and attitudes might also affect our own feelings and behaviour. Other causes of a fear could include the sounds and smells of the treatment room, the equipments used for treatments, lights or a specific treatment or procedure.


It is quite commonly found that one of the causes of a dental fear is a feeling of shame regarding patient’s current oral health. People tend to find it embarrassing to go to the dentist’s to “get condemned” because the teeth are in such bad condition. This however, never happens at the dentist’s. It is not the dentist’s job to condemn but to help the best way possible to reach good oral health and teeth, and by this improve the quality of life.


Dental fear can be relieved in many ways. The first step is to tell about your fears to the dentist. Only then the reasons of the fear can be discussed and the best ways to relieve fear found. Most commonly talking and creating a good level of trust between the dentist and the patient is already enough to relieve anxiety or fear.


According to many research children learn their dental fear easily from their parents. Many of the fears have something to do with the idea of pain or the feeling of losing control over yourself.  On the side of regular pain management (local anesthetics and pain killers), the patients with dental fear can be treated with a good level of trust between the patient and the dentist, premedication, sedation or anesthesia.


Dentistry is a field which is developing constantly and fast. The modern equipments and pain relieving techniques assure a painless and pleasant care. Despite of a dental fear, it is highly recommended to continue with regular check ups and get properly treated. The more often and the more regularly you take care of your oral health, the smaller the possible treatments are needed in the future.

Please do feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns. We at Providental would be glad to help you on the matter.

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