Providental uses the high quality Straumann® and Osstem® implants.

Dr. Jeevana Subasinghe has over 20 years of experience on implant treatments which he has studied with several highly respected professionals such as surgeon Juha Paatsama and professor H. F. Sailer. Cooperation and consultations betweens the professionals in question continue still. Dr Jeevana has got further education in bone grafting and the usage of grow factors, soft tissue surgery and techniques in plastic surgery. This makes Dr. Jeevana capable of treating even some of the most demanding reconstructive dental issues and implant surgeries.



What does implant surgery mean?

A dental implant (aka. fixture or endosseous implant) is a surgical component, or an artificial root, that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or an orthodontic appliance.

The surgery itself is minor, taking usually 45 min. per implant. The surgical area heals usually in couple of months. Most of our patients don’t experience pain of any kind  during and after the treatment.



Treatments require thorough planning

Implant treatments are usually divided in two phases: surgical and prosthetical.

In the surgery the artificial titanium roots are placed into the jaw bone, and in the prosthetical phase the patient is getting new and final teeth. Thanks to the newest techniques, we don’t need to wait months for the ossifying of the surrounding bone, like before.

A successful implant treatment requires enough jaw bone, which why different sorts of x-rays are needed to determine wether more bone needs to be added. TT scans provide detailed information about the amount, shape and quality of the jaw bone.



Straumann Implant starting from 2800€/impant

Osstem Implant starting from 1800€/Implant

(+ possible extra expenses such as OPTG x-ray 86€ (after kela deduction) and CT scan when needed 175 €)


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