Occupational Dental Healthcare



Oral health is an integral part of people’s welfare and wellbeing. Oral health care plays an important part in maintaining the ability to work. Preventive oral healthcare is also beneficial and motivating because it gives a good result at a reasonable cost.


The support of the employer to oral health care is a positive sign to the worker about his oral health and his general health. Finnish law requires the employer to provide his employees with work related healthcare. Unfortunately, oral health care has not been covered by law in occupational health services, at least of now. However, occupational oral health care benefits both the employee and the employer.


The Business that provides for the workers occupational oral health services will stand out from the competitors. Occupational health dental costs are tax-deductible expense to the company as a whole and to the employee, tax free advantage. Good oral Health and a beautiful smile are the trump cards for healthcare sector as well as for businesses.


Ask for more information and the different possibilities to bring oral health care to your employees!

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