Oral Surgery


Surgical tooth/wisdom tooth extractions                                                        238 € / demanding 288 €

Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary when the tooth in question doesn’t have enough  space to fully erupt through the gum, the direction of eruption is wrong, the tooth has  cavities, its pulp has been infected or inflammated, the gum surrounding the tooth has  infection (perikoronitis) or cysts, or if the patient is going to receive radiotherapy on the  area of head or neck.

The eruption of wisdom teeth comes usually with many problems such as pain, aching and bad taste in mouth (especially if infected due to the area being hard to keep clean from bakteria). Therefore wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common oral surgical procedures on young adults. Another reason for wisdom teeth’s removal is the fact that these teeth don’t play a significant role in most people’s bite.  

At Providental most of the extractions are done under local anesthesia. We also offer mild sedatives for people with dental phobia or anxiety.   After the extraction antibiotics will be prescribed if necessary. You are also entitled for a few day sick leave despite the healing time being relatively short in most cases (from couple of days upto a week). 

Wisdom teeth’s removal is recommended before the age of 25. At young age removing teeth is easier due to lower bone density and faster healing process.   Many people don’t have any wisdom teeth and for some they won’t erupt at all.  

Exposure surgery of a tooth                                                         156 €

Surgical exposure of a tooth stuck under the gum for further   procedures such as orthodontics.

Gingivectomy                                                                                  241 €

Gingivectomy means excision of the gingiva to provide visibility and   accessibility for complete calculus removal and smoothing of the   roots which creates a favorable environment for gingival healing   and restoration.  

Periodontal Flap Surgery                                                                 308 € / demanding 421 €  

Removal of deformities  in mucosa or gingiva                               119 €  

Dental Implants  (Read more…)                                              starting from 1800 €    

All our surgical treatments are done painless and under local anesthesia. We offer mild sedatives for patients with dental phobia or anxiety.  

Most of the above procedures are lead by Dr. jeevana Subasinghe.
Read more about Dr. Jeevana at http://www.dentalxfactor.com/

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