• Dental crowns & bridges
  • Metal partial dentures & acrylic dentures, overdentures
  • Full dentures for edentulous mouth
  • Implant treatment are offered with the most trusted implants- Straumann, Astra, Nobel Biocare

Prosthetic treatment means that entire tooth or part of a tooth is replaced by a construction made by a dental laboratory. A prosthesis can mean different kinds of removable dentures, fixed dentures or ceramic “fillings” made oout of gold or porcelain.

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A crown is a cover on the tooth made out of permanent material that restores strength and natural/esthetic look of the tooth. One of the most common indications for a crown is the loss of natural bone tissue on the tooth (e.g. because of cavity or trauma resulting to chipping of the tooth). Large fillings, especially on the posterior teeth, have the tendency to break under strong bite forces and wear out quickly. The reduction in the bite height of the tooth caused by the bite forces may cause functional and esthetic problems in the future.

Another indication for crown work can be root canal treatment. A tooth which has had a root canal treatment done is weaker than vital one and can therefore fracture easily.

High quality crowns can remain in the mouth even for decades. Different materials vary from gold to ceramics.


Bridge is a structure that replaces either one tooth or several missing teeth, and is fixed on the neighbouring teeth. Other possibility is to replace missing tooth/teeth with a removable denture. Sometimes missing tooth doesn’t need replacement.

Full denture/Partial denture

This is removable denture that is made from acrylic resin. This type of denture is fabricated when all teeth or most of them are lost. Denture may be used also as a temporary one. Partial denture replaces one or more teeth and has usually a metal frame (acrylic frames are possible in some cases as well).


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Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays  are fillings made in dental lab. They can be made from gold alloy or porcelain. These are more expencive than ordinary fillings, but also much more durable.

Implants and implant prosthesis

A missing tooth can be replaced with an implant that is surgically placed into one’s jaw bone. After the implant “screw” has healed, crowns, bridges and other of prosthesis can be fixed on it. It is quite common to use implants to support removable dentures.



A pair of good quality, perfectly fitting dentures makes a difference, by Dr. Jeevana Subasinghe

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